Portées du temps, pour Hermès.

Installation - 5 dispositifs écrans/ordinateurs/électromécanique synchronisés par réseau local.

“Artist Eric Vernhes conducts a silent score playing in gentle music of time for the new Slim d’Hermes watch line. Based on this cadence, he has orchestrated 5 video performances that resonate like so many moments in life, each synchronised on the same gentle to-and-fro motion. Arranged like notes of music on a staff, 11 watches born of an exercise in style on the theme of pure lines appear in a composition of watchmaking expertise marked by exquisite finesse. Forming five successive tableaus, the watches punctuate the passing of time. Numerals in font designed by Phillippe Apeloig dance around them, as if escaped from the dial. As lively as they are light, they come to life in telling a perpetually different tale. A successions of a ceaselessly turning time. Masculine or feminine, steel or rose gold, se or not, Slim d’Hermes watches punctuate the tempo of every fleeting moment, retaining only the which is essential. We were absolutely fascinated by those beautiful dancing numbers around the watches showcased, super loving the font design, it has that psychedelic yet calming sort of feel to them, as if echoing the fact that time can always be suspended, or prolonged or even stretched and perpetually unstoppable even if we desperately tries to hold on to it. The second before passed us, it is gone forever, that moment can never be repeated or reproduced. But is that so? What if we were in a completely different dimension? And that moment is on a parallel universe which still exist? Would that be possible? Turning back time? So much possibilities, endless questions that swam in our mind that morning, after looking at these videos. Mesmerising indeed.

Jeann Liew, Luminnej

Avec la collaboration des agences Pustetto (scénographie) et sapristi (construction). Direction du projet: Natacha Prihnenko (Hermès), Cécile Neyaga (Hermès-montres).